Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MDR-ZX300 review - Budget Goodness!

     I am here today with an MDR-ZX300 review. These are a pair of budget cans costing S$55 from Sony. They are basically the more expensive sibling to the MDR-ZX100. The styling of both headphones are the same except that the earcups of the MDR-ZX300 are shiny while those of the MDR-ZX100 are not. So how are they, let us find out.

Pros: Nice design, slim, easily identifiable right side due to red piece of plastic, balanced sound with good vocals, rather sweet sounding for the price.

Cons: Nothing of note.
They come in 5 colours all with shiny earcups

The shiny earcups look good, don't they?
The box looks good too

     These headphones look really good, with handsome stylish looks. They are extremely light and do not clamp too much on your head, so they feel really good. The earpads are soft and comfortable. They have a thick 1.2m cable which terminates in an L-shaped gold plated stereo mini plug. The cable is tangle free, so the many times I pulled it out of my bag after putting it inside the cable is most of the time never tangled.

     The sound quality is superb, with even balanced sound and great bass. Bass is nicely textured and defined, and is quite good without being overpowering in the slightest. Mids and highs are profoundly smooth for the price. Of course they will not sound as good as more expensive offerings from Audio Technica, Sennheiser and even Sony itself, but they sound really good for the price and sound even better than cans from other companies such as beats or skullcandy that cost many times more.

     Overall, I say these pair of cans are awesome for the price, so if you are looking for a pair of headphones to replace your standard set of earphones that came with your phone and have a budget of S$55 and want a stylish pair of cans as well, look no further. Get these immdiately!

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